Abdul Rahim Abdul Wahab

He is an Actuarial Consultant with over 30 years of experience in the field of Employee Benefits and Takaful products Design, Pricing and Valuation. Consulting Actuary for over 300 entities in the GCC countries with private as well as large Government organisations for IFRS / IAS 19 work mainly in Saudi Arabia. Appointed Actuary for a number of Takaful companies in the GCC and Pakistan. Worked as part of team on World Bank regional retirement benefits / pension reforms study, review of actuarial work carried out by foreign consultants for Abu Dhabi Pension Authority and Dubai Government EOS scheme project. Carried out detailed survey of Employee Benefit Plans in Pakistan and study income replacement ratios post retirement. Carried out Actuarial Valuation and 50 years Cashflow Projections of Pakistan National Pension scheme (EOBI) and worked on pension reforms as member of Prime Minister's Task force. Member of three persons Task force which developed Takaful Rules in Pakistan under which Takaful companies were later formed. Carried out business plans and feasibility studies for setting up Takaful companies and later Product Design. Pricing, Retakaful, Distribution and remuneration structures, Valuation, Systems etc. Worked as Advisor / Consulting Actuary for Swiss Retakaful in setting up the the first Life Retakaful solutiion first in Switzerland and later with the separate Retakaful entity set-up in Malaysia.