RERA Audit

Registered Auditors in Dubai land, RERA, MOLLAK and Ajman land


We are authorized and approved auditor of RERA and ARRA for developers, Owners association and Trust accounts.


     Our experienced team helps you with

  • Account Trustee & Developers Book Audit as per RERA & ARRA Scope and requirements
  • Owners Association Yearly Audit
  • Mollak Services
    • Unit Registration Assistance
    • Unit Balance Verification
    • Assistance with the process of Budget and Payments
    • Budget Reviews

When seeking excellence in real estate regulatory compliance, we take pride in being RERA Approved Auditors, ensuring meticulous examination of financial records & compliance standards. Explore unparalleled expertise in real estate compliance with our distinguished RERA and ARRA audit firm. Our RERA audit services, including RERA compliance audit and financial audit, are handled by RERA Approved Auditors and ARRA Approved Auditors, ensuring assessments aligned with regulatory standards.

Our dedicated RERA audit consultants specialize in conducting comprehensive RERA compliance audits, offering unparalleled expertise in the intricate landscape of real estate financial evaluations. From general real estate audit services to specifically tailored RERA financial audits, our firm is committed to delivering meticulous assessments, providing clients with the assurance of regulatory adherence and financial transparency. Trust our experienced team for top-notch RERA audit services, designed to meet the unique needs of the real estate sector while ensuring compliance with RERA regulations.

As dedicated RERA audit consultants, we specialize in comprehensive real estate audit services, providing assurance and transparency in financial evaluations. Whether you require RERA or ARRA audit services, our expert audit consultants are committed to elevating your real estate ventures through unparalleled industry knowledge and meticulous auditing practices.”


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