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About Us

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“We find AAA to be reliable. They know a lot about our business, they don’t play with technical jargons, we like them and they deliver.”

The firm was established in April 2014 by a team of experienced Chartered Accountants already in public practice. The firm consists of dedicated professionals who have the ability to provide industry-focused services in order to enhance value through the application of what we call “BEYOND THE NUMBERS”. Our understanding of your industry and your individual circumstances allows us to contribute far more than accountancy advice. Our Audit specialists can provide an efficient and independent report to your shareholders about the company profitability and state of affairs. We go further to provide insight into the areas to focus to enhance the performance of your business.

Auditors and Business Consultants in the UAE. What sets us apart is the way we invest in our relationships. We develop a deep understanding of your business and personal circumstances. This allows us to advise you more effectively.

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While serving, we maintain strict confidentiality on the information obtained from the clients, unless there arises a legal liability or duty to disclose.


We support and respect each other and help each other to achieve our full potential. Dedicated to provide excellence in service with high professional caliber.


Our ethos is based on being open and straightforward. We only give advice we believe in.


We seek insight and understanding of our client’s businesses and use our expertise to find innovative solutions for them.


When we promise to get Something done, it gets done.


We know our clients and relate to their unique personal circumstances.


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