Inventory Control

Inventory Control

Why Count Your Inventory? 

  • Asset Tracking and Valuation
  • Managing Stock Levels
  • Anticipating Demand
  • Shrinkage, Theft, & Loss Control
  • Accounting
  • Location Decisions

What should be Counted?

  • Saleable Items
  • Raw Materials
  • Furniture, Fixtures, & Equipment
  • Rental and/or Movable Equipment
  • Cars, Trucks, Vans, Containers, etc.

Where to Perform Inventory Counts?

  • Inventory Counts by Physical Areas
  • Items That Are “In Transit”
  • Items Held by Third Parties

 When to Perform Inventory Counts?

  • Cycle Counting
  • Annual Physical Count


Alia Noor (FCMA, CIMA, MBA, GCC VAT Comp Dip, Oxford fintech programme, COSO Framework)

Associate Partner
Ahmad Alagbari Chartered Accountants

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